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NOTE: Just exchange BBC with YLE, the Finnish state broadcaster, and you’ll come up with the same biased mentality and mediocrity, the only difference is that it’s in Finnish.

Once again, BBC hides the real story

If ever a headline typified the warped priorities of the BBC it is in today’s report onIsrael’s response to the weekend barrage of rockets fromGaza:


Gaza: New Israeli air strikes leave four dead

The report symbolises all that is wrong with the BBC’s reporting of the problems Israel faces, starting with the astonishing insinuation that Israel is to blame for a massive rocket barrage on the civilian population of her southern cities by having, in effect, the audacity to kill a leading member of a terrorist organisation. Ever fond of bandying the word “disproportionate” around in any discussion of Israel’s defensive actions, it never occurs to the UK’s public service broadcaster to inquire whether a massive attack on innocent civilians in a neighbouring country counts as a reasonable reaction to the elimination of a terrorist who was targeted simply to prevent such outrages in the first place.

The BBC report only grudgingly acknowledges the onslaught which Israel has suffered these past few days in a subsequent and almost passing mention:

“Israel says more that 240 rockets have been fired from the Gaza since Friday, injuring 35 people, one seriously.”

So, Israel“says” that more than 240 rockets have been fired! How, pray tell, can this possibly be a matter of subjective opinion? What, precisely, does the BBC think has been lobbed at Ashdod over the past few days? Paper darts? Busy readers scanning the headlines might be forgiven for thinking so.

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