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This really angers me. 

The NAACP should have given the ‘doofus duo’ a few bucks to buy an I.D. card so they could vote, instead of spending money to send them all the way to Europe to complain about a law that almost every country in the West demands from its own citizens.

The Democrats have to be real nervous over the upcoming election to pull stunts like this, using lame arguments that it’s ”back to the Jim Crow days” to ask people to properly identify themselves before voting. There isn’t any single coherent argument to be made  for the defense of someone not identifying themselves before being allowed to vote.

It’s totally imbecilic. It makes those who are making the arguments to look like complete utter fools. What an embarrassment, like a crazy uncle dancing with a lampshade on his head at a family get-together. These idiots haven’t the common sense to see just how stupid they are making themselves out to be, a real laughing stock, on the world stage.

NOTE: The Democrats are using this as a means to game the system, by allowing felons and illegals to vote for the Dem party in the upcoming presidential elections. Coupled with the Obama administrations war against the states who are intent on securing the border, by suing them in the courts, the Dems are hoping to flood the US with potential voters.

They’re trying to make the US into a real banana republic, where promises of largesse will keep the populace faithfully voting for it, just as they have done with the Black community. It’s sick, it’s destructive, it’s balkanizing and in the end, spells doom for the republic. Just what Obama and the Dems exactly want.

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  1. Dinesh D’Sousa maintains that obama is at war against the United States.

    Could be something in that claim methinks.

    As Franklin Graham said recently: you shall know them by their fruit.

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