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The dizzy headed looney Left in action

Please keep in mind the fact that contraception is widely available and affordable throughout the entire United States of America. Just why exactly these women are singing songs about contraception is beyond me. It doesn’t look like they need them any longer .

Video desription: Women Occupy perform the “Contraceptive Song” at the Rally for Women’s Rights on March 8, 2012, International Women’s Day, at the San Diego Federal Courthouse.

5 Responses

  1. They are brainwashed Lefties. What else can you expect?

  2. Thanks KGS. Now I’m imagining that these women have sex. It’s going to take forever to get that image out of my mind. I might need therapy 😉

    1. Hahahahahahahaha.

      I’ll have to apologize to you then, I don’t want to be responsible for traumatizing my friends!

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