Al Sharpton Immigration Incitement Racism or not



Never mind that Alabama’s immigration laws are modeled on Arizona laws that are modeled on US laws already on the books that the Obama administration refuses to uphold, but they all pale in comparison to Mexican immigration laws. Al Sharpton is a race baiting hate monger who is indirectly connected to the Obama administration, who is tasked with the job of keeping the racial rhetoric ramped up. It’s disgusting to see and hear, but that is exactly what is going on.

NOTE: How could it be racism for a state to require a person to properly identify themselves before voting? Finnish law requires it, and I have yet to hear one African American living here raise an objection to it. This is pure race baiting, and I might add, bigotry towards minorities on behalf of the Left.

They not only assume Blacks and other minorities are unable to afford an identity card, they treat them like simple minded children who can’t be counted on to acquire identification. Not treating minorities like the majority, is a double slap in their faces.

Here is Al courtesy of

NOTE: Dumber than dirt.

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  1. I grew up in Alabama and Jim Crow laws were still in effect through at least 14 years. Under Jim Crow laws whites and blacks had “separate” accomodations, such as separate places in movie theaters, separate churches, separate lunch counters and restaurants, separate water fountains and waiting areas, separate hospitals, their own day at the fair, and blacks did have to sit in the back of buses and give up their seats to whites. Blacks could not be in certain areas except to work.

    The Alabama immigration law has none of that. The law deals with enforcing what are already felonies with regard to persons who committed a crime by entering the country illegally. Al Sharpton must be banking on the Democrat induced ignorance of current citizens. Any person who saw Jim Crow laws in effect and say the Alabama law is the same, is lying and they know it. Proof is that the Alabama law was never denounced as a Jim Crow law–until Sharpton’s fantasy.

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