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Tom, you should have kept your political views out of your craft, and stick to doing what you do best, acting and directing. Now you’ve reduced yourself to the level of fat boy Michael Moore. Such it is with people in Hollywood who believe that they should manipulate people to conform to their political views. What an idiot.

Brietbart.com. Brandon Darby: I’ve always had respect for Oscar-winner Tom Hanks. He came across as the Jimmy Stewart of our era. My best Christmas memories with my daughter involve his film “The Polar Express” and a cup of hot cocoa.

His “Band of Brothers” HBO mini-series even played a role in my much publicized transition from Left to Right, which was really a transition from America-hater to America-lover (Liberals just consider that a transition from Left to Right).

From “Bosom Buddies” to “Forrest Gump,” and from the European theater to the shores of Iwo Jima, Hanks captivated me. His interviews on MSNBC sounded so patriotic, and I held him as the standard for what a patriotic Democrat looked like before the far Left propulsion of the Obama presidency. My friends even know me to say I wish the Democratic Party looked like that again; a patriotic ideology that simply believed in more government-based solutions.

Something changed in Hanks. As the producer for the anti-Sarah Palin film “Game Change,” Hanks left the pedestal I had placed him on and entered the world of being nothing more than a merchant of Leftist smear.

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  1. Quote:

    ” . . .Tom Hanks. He came across as the Jimmy Stewart of our era. “

    Jimmy Stewart? Pfffft. Why sully the memory of JS? If one has to reach back to an era of Hollywood, think Henry Fonda . . .or better yet, Hanks is revealing himself to be more and more like Henry’s un-effable daughter.

  2. Tom does need to watch out after all showing a person how stupid they are is dangerous the only that saves Tom Hanks is we already knew she was stupid…ok guess why with all the lies and terrible stuff I have done why I am not in jail……..

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