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Spring is in the air and the Arabs are restless.

As springtime approaches, the Arabs escalate their violence against the Jewish state of Israel, you can reasonably count on it, if anything is going to happen, it’s usually then. I also draw your attention to the TT’s side bar that keeps a running count of the war crimes rockets launched into Israel by the Arabs from Gaza. Last month ‘only’ 37 rockets were launched, by today’s account on March 10th, 40 rockets thus far, with more to come no doubt.

NOTE: The farcical Finnish state tun media (YLE) is in spin mode as usual, “12 Palestinian fighters died friday evening in Gaza”. They choose for political reasons to label these Arabs simply as “fighters”, though they are involved in launching discriminate rocket fire against civilian population centers (read=terrorism), it’s a war crime. Finland’s YLE simply cannot be considered an impartial news organization.

UPDATE: They’re now saying it’s at least 80 rockets fired into Israel

IDF strikes Gaza targets following rocket barrage

03/10/2012 01:31

Hamas: 8 terrorists killed in latest IAF attack after PRC chief hit; IDF says IAF planes record direct hits on terror targets.

The IAF struck six targets in Gaza overnight Friday in response to a number of rocket attacks from the Strip earlier in the day that left at least eight people injured.

Palestinian terrorists fired approximately 40 rockets from Gaza into southern Israel on Friday night after an air strike killed the secretary general of the Popular Resistance Committees, Zuhair Qaisi.

In the latest round of air strikes, launched after darkness fell, eight more Gaza terrorists were killed, Hamas officials in Gaza said.

The IDF Spokesman’s Office said that the Air Force recorded direct hits.

In the Eshkol Regional Council a 40-year-old man was seriously injured, a second man was moderately injured by shrapnel in his stomach and a third was lightly injured. Paramedics said the injured appear to be foreign workers. An electric pole and a vehicle were also damaged in the attack.

The barrage of rockets followed an IAF air strike that killed the secretary general of the Popular Resistance Committees, Zuhair Qaisi.

Since the initial air strike, the IAF continued operations over Gazan skies to track down rocket launching crews, and struck two cells making final preparations to fire high-trajectory rockets into Israel. One of the terror cells was in central Gaza and the other in northern Gaza. The IDF confirmed hits on its targets.

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  1. And the world’s media is no morally bankrupt that none of the networks mention that Israel is victim in this Gaza situation. None. There will be consequence to the free world for their silence.

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