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How much longer are the good folks of the UK going to stand for this crap?

Qatada banned from the school run: Curb on hate cleric as he is freed today with security operation costing us £10,000 a week

  • Round-the-clock protection for extremist’s family 
  • Son, 18, delivers hate sermon outside Belmarsh prison


Last updated at 7:30 AM on 13th February 2012

Hate preacher Abu Qatada will be banned from taking his youngest child to school when he is released from jail today.

The Government has won a court ruling preventing him from flaunting his freedom at the school gates while ministers battle to find a way of deporting him.

At a cost to taxpayers of £10,000 a week, a team of up to 60 police officers and MI5 agents will provide round-the-clock protection for a man described as Osama Bin Laden’s ambassador in Europe when he returns to his London home.

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6 Responses

  1. This is BS. The average UK citizen gets zero protection from his government, and must run the gauntlet on a daily basis when traveling through or near certain ‘no go areas’, encountering ‘Asian’ youths and their rude and criminal behavior.

  2. Muslims are worthless, but westerns are STUPID!!! What’s the big deal to deport this piece of shit???

  3. Getting rid of this avowed enemy may feel good, but the real threat comes from the demographic growth of Muslims in the UK.

  4. What’s Qatada holding in his left hand? It looks like a leash connected to the spooky character on his left side.

    Maybe he went into a pet shop to buy it to attach to the spooky character he is walking with to make sure she/he doesn’t run away.

    This oxygen thief should be booted into the channel tout de suite, but the government’s hands are tied by a ruling from Brussels.

    Democracy in the UK is now a fast fading dream with (according to Nigel Farage) five out of every six laws that the British are signed up to are determined by EU!

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