Egypt readies itself for full destruction.

So they demand their jizya payments with the threat of null and voiding the signed peace agreements with Israel. So lets get this straight. The Muslim Brotherhood and their co-Salafi tard brethern, are for imposing full sharia in Egypt which includes the prohibition of alcohol for tourists (thereby hammering one more nail into the coffin of Egyptian tourism), and they’re okay with the possibility of ending billions in US aid. So how exactly, do they intend to build their economy?

NOTE: They intend to create tensions with Israel in order to focus the people’s attention away from their self imposed domestic disaster. You’ll see a ramping up of the rhetoric regardless of what the US or Israel does.

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  1. GREAT! So West has to pay to muslims or they start their usual violence to get what they want as they use to do inside West against us. When(if it’s possible a sane western politician exists) West will stop giving any help to muslims every time they threaten with violence to get what they want? Instead of money, West should send bombs on Egypt if muslims start any violence against Israel or any other non-islamic country.

  2. Past time to play hardball, that’s if we had anyone on our side to play…

  3. They have already torn that treaty up two times over in the past year. The Musilm Brotherhood does not believe in perminant treaties. They believe, according to islamic teachings, that treaties are imperminant and can be broken without warning.

    That is exactly the same as having no treaty.

    Furthermore Hamas is at war with Israel. Hamas is the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza, according to public statements by both Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood leaderships.

    So if a member of the Muslim Brotherhood is elected to office in Egypt and Hamas is not disbanded then the government of Egypt is in an openly declared state of war with Israel.

    That might sound stupid or crazy but I have been bringing it up since the Arab “spring” on a variety of websites and so far not a single person has shown why my reasoning is wrong.

    And lets not forget that egyptian mobs attacked the Israeli embassy. One of the invaders was subsequently awarded a free apartment in Cairo by a member of the Egyptian government.

    That was an act of war.

    So the Camp David Accords have actually been nullified three times over by Egypt.

    The Camp David Accords no longer exist.

  4. KGS . . third line down . . is that tard brethren, or turd brethren? Just asking.

    And as for Egypt – the Arab Spring has morphed into the Muslim Brotherhood Winter.

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