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Like I said earlier, campaigning for the presidency is not the time nor the place for a candidate to start learning about core political values (Mitt’s supposed evolving in his conservatism). You either fundamentally believe in these core values as a Republican candidate, or you don’t.

What we see is Romney trying to (IMHO, in vain) convince people that he holds core conservative values that he hasn’t internalized, or shown throughout his entire political career. If in fact he does get the nomination, what you will see in the way of support for his candidacy, are people voting against Obama, not for Mitt Romney.

NOTE: That’s the naked truth, and I really am interested in getting supporters of Mitt Romney to honestly explain why they see it otherwise. Explain Romeny’s sudden leap to conservatism on the campaign trial, when he didn’t feel the need to do so throughout his entire political career, which is crowned by his disastrous achievement called Romney-care. Explain why he ran as an independent progressive during the Reagan years, which placed him left of center.

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  1. And he took Colorado, Missouri, and Michigan for granted.

    He thought they were in the bag and his vote in Colorado went from 60% in 2008 to 17 % in 2012.

    If Mitt gets the nod to face off against Obama, the GOP may as well just look ahead to 2016.

    But let’s see what happens at the end of the month in Arizona, etc.

    Newt is still in the running – that’s for sure.

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