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I’m a Rick Santorum supporter, that said, what pisses me off to no end are ‘moderate’ (RINOs) Republicans spouting off their mouths, trashing conservatives with the talking points of radical Left-wingers in order to advance their RINO buddies. ‘Crispy Cream’ Christie, as Mark Levin adroitly calls him, shines the spotlight on this big hunk of flabby flesh, for the lying stool pigeon that he is. First the piece at Opposing Views:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said on Sunday morning’s ‘Meet the Press’ that 

“former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has “embarrassed” the Republican Party, but former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney never has (video below). We all know the record,” Christie continued. “He was run out of the speakership by his own party. He was fined $300,000 for ethic violations. This is a guy who’s had a very difficult political career at times and has been an embarrassment to the party.”

Mark Levin says hogwash

“We now have Chris Christie running his mouth about Newt Gingrich, saying that “Newt has embarrassed the Republican Party”. Christie can’t even backup his complaints about Newt regarding the ethics violations, he is just repeating false liberal talking points.”

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  1. A nice piece from Scaramouche:

    Whether Newt’s a Jew-Lover or a Jew-Hater Is In the Eye of the Beholder

    Here’s an amusing exercise: compare the way Newt Gingrich is viewed by onIslam (i.e., as someone who uttered his statement about the Palestinians being “an invented people” because he’s getting big bucks from AIPAC) to this piece, which claims that Gingrich slamming Saul Alinsky, the radical leftist who inspired Barack Obama, is a sign of Newt’s “implicit antisemtism.” According to Richard Silverstein, that’s the, er, implication of these words from Gingrich’s South Carolina victory speech:

    The centerpiece of this campaign, I believe, is American exceptionalism versus the radicalism of Saul Alinsky,” Gingrich said, as the crowd chanted, “U.S.A.! U.S.A.!”

    “We are going to argue American exceptionalism, the American Declaration of Independence, the American Constitution, the American federalist papers; the founding fathers of America are the source from which we draw our understanding of America. He draws his from Saul Alinsky, radical left-wingers and people who don’t like the classical America.”

    From the above, one might conclude that the antisemitism is so “implicit” that it’s invisible/non-existent, but that’s not how Silverstein sees it. Here’s what he takes from the statement:

    Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is replete with multiple references to the Founding Fathers and American constitution as the embodiments of liberty and democracy. But note how he sets up Alinsky as a radical who is alien to America. The final nail in the coffin is his reference to “classical America.” Who or what is classical America? It is of course white Christian America, everything that Saul Alinsky and many of you out there reading this are not.

    This is a classic anti-Semitic diatribe gussied up in Tea Party rhetoric.
    Sigh. Isn’t there enough real Jew-hate/Zionhass (and a whole lot of it of the leftist/onIslam Islamist variety) in this world? Do we really need to go out and create it when, clearly, it isn’t there at all?

  2. Chris Christie is a loudmouth and a dimbulb. He is far more an embarrassment in his ignorance re sharia and being a lackey for radical Islamofascists, on who’s vote he depends:



  3. Rush Limbaugh also pointed out the following on his radio program yesterday:

    “. . .only a little more than 1% of the population’s voted so far. The delegate count right now, Romney 31, Gingrich 32, Paul ten, Santorum eight, there are 1,144 delegates needed to win. We’re nowhere near being over here. I don’t subscribe to conventional wisdom, and neither should you.”

    Also consider:
    RINO advocates like Ann Coulter or Bill Kristol are visibly apoplectic, incoherent.

    Newt originally gained power in Congress by shattering the old boy network. It wasn’t his turn according to the establishment. The push to get Newt out of the way was a coordinated effort by Pelosi and RINOs. Pelosi wanted the House and the Speaker’s job. RINOs wanted Newt out so they could spend like Democrats to buy votes. Newt was initially replaced by his friend, Bob Livingston. RINO’s got rid of him citing an affair, and installed Dennis Hastert as Speaker. Hastert presided over the RINO spending spree that eventually gave Pelosi what she wanted satisfying the coffers of both parties.
    Apoplectic fear and defensiveness of the RINO establishment is palpable. Newt once succeeded in changing the political balance in Congress like no other. Newt’s ability to articulate conservatism with passion & to express a genuine love of this country’s heritage is a direct threat to the status quo.

    As for Santorum, he’s a decent, honest likable fella with a stable track record . .. as a big government conservative who unfortunately lacks the passion exhibited & articulated by Newt [he also lacks Newt’s personal baggage].

    Ron Paul has the monetary issues nailed but is a total loon on foreign affairs. He serves a purpose in staying in the race to push monetary issues and change the dialogue. He’ll never get the nomination and he knows it.

    All in all, I’m leaning towards Newt but would be happy to vote for Santorum, should he gain the nomination. Romney is Obama 2.0 (thx ;D). Romney repeated Christi’s accusation at that contrived NBC debate last night , claiming “Gingrich is a “failed leader” who “resigned in disgrace”. . .as opposed to Mitt, a “failed leader” who “didn’t run for re-election.” If Newt failed as Speaker, one could only wish John Boehner could fail in similar fashion.
    Why RINOs permit far left lunatics to run GOP primary debates is a mystery. Can you imagine the DNC giving such a privilege to Andrew Breitbart? Matt Drudge? Sean Hannity? Mark Levin? Rush Limbaugh? Bill Whittle? Mark Steyn?

    Me neither.

  4. Gov. Christie is following the path of the ‘checkered pants’ and ‘country club’ Republicans, trying be be everything to everyone, which will not work in the long run. One must stick to principles if one is to keep credibility.

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