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But flying the flag of the ‘Cult of the Mystic Moose’ is not.

 Straight from the sheik (PBUH)

NOTE: Sheik Yer’Mami also says that someone from the BBC is upset with him, sent him a comment from the offices of the Beeb itslef, couldn’t wait to get home!

Sheikh Yerass x

Submitted on 2012/01/23 at 10:17 pm I think your web-shite is really cr4p. Why don’t you find someone else to demean and tell lies about..First it was the jew, now it’s the muslims, who next? Grow up and get a life kids!

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  1. Since when is Islam a race? Such a tired argument. Such a clear illustration of muddled thinking. The downside of free speech is that we have to sift out much static from the truth, however any 10-year-old could point out the faulty logic. Laughable coming from a “professor”.

  2. Happy Australia Day!

    I’m not racist I just don’t like Islam.

    People ask me why? And I ask, what reason have Muslims given me to like Islam? I can literally name 100s of reasons why I shouldn’t logically like it; suppression of women, Dhimmi status for Jews/Xtians, twisted bible stories eg Ismael sacrificed over Isaac etc, 20,000 terrorist acts since 911, Ottoman genocide against Greeks, Armenians, Arab alliance with the Nazis including the 2 SS Bosnian Muslim brigades killing 1 million people, Beslan massacre killing kids, Occupations of Western Sahara, Iryan Jaya, hate speeches continuously by Muslim Imams, Creeping Sharia, Hanging Gays in Iran, Bombing Churches in Egypt and Nigeria, War against Israel, the Hamas Charter, Muslim terrorist groups not abiding by Geneva conventions, and on and on….

    1. That’s it? That’s all you’ve got? Lol!

      (Sad thing is, you’ve probably just scratched the surface.)

  3. Now the world can see that the Australian media is being “used” just as much as the media outlets in other countries.
    Honestly why is this front page news or even reported – a study by “Professor Nobody” of 500 people.
    Australians are proud of their country on Australia Day and need to be aware that these celebrations could discontinue tomorrow if we don’t recognise what is happening.

  4. As I have stated many times “when it comes to do with anything concerning most Muslims it’s always their way or no way”.

  5. People who fly the Australian Flag are perhaps more patriotic than those who don’t, but any connection to racism is just idle conjecture.

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