It’s the comments that did BNI in, and one of the reasons that the TT monitors its comments like a hawk. You never know when provocateurs are intentionally flaming in the comments with the end desire to close you down. Comments with calls of violence for others simply will not be tolerated here. KGS

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  1. this site is wordpress hosted as well.
    are you thinking of moving?
    maybe you should.

    1. No place is safe Bilbo. I just re-underline the fact that calling for violence is not an option on this site. If we’re talking about individual terrorists, and terrorist orgs., then they’re fair game.

  2. You are right. Monitor closely and get rid of calls for violence immediately. Actual violent people could be dumb enough to post, but people who want to eliminate blogs can threaten violence and then complain. I noticed the news report used statistics provided by CAIR. Where are all the threats? We heard of this one, but where are the massive numbers of threats and acts of violence? I’d like to know some details.

    Aren’t they lucky to be in America, where they are protected.

  3. Have I got this right?

    The WordPress people are threatened by someone who does not like a blog’s content, so they cave in and shut down the blog (barenakedislam) arguing it is because some of the blog’s visitor comments are threats? This must be Superman’s Bizzarro World, where everything is bass ackwards.

    America needs a lot fewer Neville Chamberlains, and one heck of a Winston Churchill! The Islamic threat is much more dangerous, more insidious, and more relentless, than the threat that Neville ignored!

  4. It broke my heart that they took down BNI!! :/ So… saying “slay them wherever you find them” is ok… but a random guy saying “I feel like doing something” is not? Damn hypocrisy!

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