Actually it’s a no-brainer, the Israeli raid on the Flotilla of the Huns was a legal action, though flawed in its planning, but was nonetheless wholly justified, and those who say otherwise ….are morons. KGS

J’lem Post: [..] Ashkenazi praised the commandos from the Navy’s Flotilla 13 – known as the Shayetet – who boarded the ship and, according to the IDF, were lynched by a group of mercenaries. He said that the second soldier who fast-roped onto the boat from a helicopter was immediately shot.
“The soldiers legitimately opened fire and shot those who they needed to shot and not those who they didn’t need to shoot,” he said.
“I am proud of the soldiers that we have,” Ashkenazi told the committee. “The IDF is a transparent organization that learns from each operation and knows how to investigate itself.”
Ashkenazi also stressed the importance in preventing ships from docking, without inspection, in the Gaza Strip.
“The sea blockade is crucial in preventing terror groups from smuggling large quantities of weaponry into Gaza by sea,” he said. “An open sea will increase the threat against Israel.”

From the comment box: “Analysis: The Legal Blockade of Gaza Israel, as a democratic State, looks for legal tools to curb such smuggling and respond to Hamas’ terrorist attacks against its citizens. One of the tools available under international law is the maritime blockade. Israel, finding itself in a state of armed conflict with Hamas, has opted to employ this legal measure. For more information click here:
– The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs”

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