Anette Trettebergstuen: If you think I 
hated Israel before this, now I really hate Israel

NIJ Blog informs the Tundra Tabloids about the anti-Israel lobby in Norway, they are frothing at the mouth and just begging to break the legal Israeli blockade and help genocidal Hamas and al-Qaida and Iran. Anette Trettebergstuen is another loon from the (mainstream) far Left who loves totalitarians, whether they be Leftists or Islamonazis.

NOTE: Remember folks, this is given a wink and a nod from the far-Left regime that’s ruling Norway.

NIJ: Labor Parliamentarian Anette Trettebergstuen says she want to sail on the next ship to Gaza. See enclosed picture and translation. As you might recall Trettebergstuen is the founder of the “Friends of Palestine” group in Parliament, which is backed by government and completely outnumbers and outguns the smaller “Friends of Israel” group, which is backed by the opposition. It is remarkable how the same Norwegian journalists who are so keen to tell us about the power of the US Israel-Lobby refuse to acknowledge the existance of a Norwegian anti-Israeli-Lobby.
On one occasion Trettebergstuen read a post about herself on NIJ, which she promptly quoted and attributed to an unnamed “Israeli newspaper” in posts on Facebook and Twitter. When I pointed out her mistake in an e-mail she replied that she would not remove the erroneous posts, that she would not apologize, and that NIJ was “souring” the debate.
UPDATE: Kristin Halvorsen, Norway’s health minister and head of the Socialist Left party, called on Tuesday for the international community to boycott arms trade with Israel, in line with Norway’s existing policy. YNET
Kristin Halvorsen: I’m not going to be “Left” out either,
I hate the Israelis (read = Jews) as much as Anette Trettebergstuen
A Scandinavian strange cult

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