The Tundra Tabloids expresses it great appreciation to the anonymous commentor who left this in the TT’s comment box. It should be copied, memorized and used by everyone in their debates with those who profess anger at those of us who view fear of totalitarian islam as a rational repsonse. KGS

Islamophobia today is an accusation aimed at those who are critical of Islams authoritarian tendency of dehumanizing all those who want to question the innate inhumanity of Islam in the first place.
Basically, there is nothing strange about it, in the sense that the suppression of any type of criticism is also an inherent aspect of totalitarianism in general. It is part and parcel of totalitarianism.
And therefore, the ‘logical’ paradigm of totalitarian ideologies dictates that the genuine fear of people to become dehumanized by such a top-down enforced societal model has to be denoted as ‘irrational’.
However, when considering the mere fact that under totalitarian regimes the deconstruction of human values by means of unrelenting oppression and violence by those who want to impose such a model is guaranteed in all cases, there is in fact NOTHING irrational about this fear !
At least, not to those people who want to shape a pluralistic society by democratic consensus as a means to further socio-economic human development and scientific/technological progress which aides such a democratic project. Totalitarianism is centered around the core tenet of making the a priori assumption that a whole stratum of people is denoted as ‘morally wrong’ when they oppose the inhuman consequences such an ideology wants to impose on society. Such a core concept only serves to justify the ‘self-righteous’ outlook dictators have of societies ! It only serves to ‘prove’ the viability of totalitarian rule in the long run. Which I call nothing more than propaganda…
Humanism as the key sentiment that has profoundly shaped the broad layers of society in the West is again challenged for the umpteenth time in history, comparable with communist, maoist, nazi and fascist usurpation. The only ones that display an irrational phobia or a type of neurotic fear are those who fear Humanism itself.
There is no logic to it, beyond keeping the myth alive that mankind can only live happily when treated as a collective in all aspects of life on a day to day basis, reducing people to slavery. Which in practice only guarantees the rule of the happy few over the masses with their hands and feet tied.
When fear is genuinely justified on humanist grounds, it is not only lawful in my opinion, but it should also be the most natural sentiment for people in the West to feel like that and to express such fear !
In 2010, it becomes more and more obvious that some would rather advocate the legal banning of some types of rational fear, while some types of neurotic phobia are endorsed for the purpose of gagging public opinion with the interests of people in mind who advocate minority rule.
Humanistically speaking, I am fearful. Fearful of totalitarianism, that is.

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