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Obamanation: My nice offensive is real,
don’t doubt it or I’ll really screw you

Obama is a pathetic liar and a political chameleon. Caroline Glick nailed it shut yesterday on Obama’s sudden turn-around “nice offensive” towards Israel’s head of state, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
His numbers are slipping among American Jews which spells a “big bad” for Dems running in elections this November, so all of a sudden, out comes the red carpet and smiles for the Israeli leader. Netanyahu is not stupid, he and his cabinet knows what the score is and will shake the Obamanation’s hand, but will carry some ready wipes in their pockets.
Here’s the J’lem Post article first, then a few words by Glick followed with a link to her column, she’s got this guy pegged to a tee. KGS

Obama: Singling out Israel wrong

US President Barack Obama on Saturday welcomed the “balanced” nuclear non-proliferation accord reached Friday at a UN conference but criticized the singling out of Israel in the document. Obama said the document “includes balanced and practical steps that will advance non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament, and peaceful uses of nuclear energy, which are critical pillars of the global non-proliferation regime.” But, he said, “we strongly oppose efforts to single out Israel, and will oppose actions that jeopardize Israel’s national security.”

Caroline Glick: Netanyahu, Obama’s latest prop

The Democratic Party is feeling the heat for US President Barack Obama’s hostility towards Israel. In an interview with Channel 10earlier this month, Democratic Party mega-donor Haim Saban characterized the Obama administration as ideologically aligned with the radical Left and harshly criticized its treatment of Israel.
Both Ma’ariv and Yediot Aharonot reported this week that Democratic congressmen and senators are deeply concerned that the administration’s harsh treatment of Israel has convinced many American Jews not to contribute to their campaigns or to the Democratic Party ahead of November 2’s mid-term elections. They also fear that American Jews will vote for Republican challengers in large numbers.
It is these concerns, rather than a decision to alter his positions on Israel specifically and the Middle East generally, that now drive Obama’s relentless courtship of the American Jewish community. His latest move in this sphere was his sudden invitation to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to visit him at the White House for a “warm reception” in front of television cameras next Tuesday.
It is clear that electoral worries rather than policy concerns are behind what the White House has described as a “charm offensive,” because since launching this offensive a few weeks ago, Obama not changed any of his policies towards Israel and the wider Middle East.
In fact, he has ratcheted up these policies to Israel’s detriment.

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  1. In the upcoming "Be nice to Israel" campaign, I doubt President O'Bama will win back many of the Jewish-American voters who have since deserted him. That being said, 47% of Jewish Americans still support President O'Bama. The exercise is to keep them in the Democratic Party camp.

    I think the term is: "damage control".

    Barack O'Bama has let the cat out of the bag at least three times already wrt his unsupportive policy toward Israel.

    First came the campaign controversy with his church and Rev. Wright. Then came Jesse Jackson's comments after the election victory saying Israel was now in big trouble and the transition team's response of "Rev. Jackson doesn't speak for us". (They could have just said it was totally untrue.) Then came the phone conference with Netanyahu after the Cairo speech. Then came the Biden/Jerusalem flap.

    I certainly think it's fair to say that there have been previous Presidents who supported Israel more than this one. I talked to PRIMERPREZ (who you know) a little while back to get his take on the AIPAC policy conference which he attended. As could be expected, nobody at the AIPAC policy conference could show any contentment with the President's policy toward Israel.

    That being said, there's some damage control going on in Israel as well. Israel does NOT want the world to perceive that U.S. support for them is weak. As such, it makes diplomatic sense for PM Netanyahu to give President O'Bama a chance to say: "The United States supports Israel".

    That being the case, I hope PM Netanyahu takes the opportunity to point out publicly this one little thing: in the face of nuclear weapons in Iran, missiles in Lebanon, and suicide bombers next door, there are a lot worse things going on in the Middle East than a few Jews building homes on our ancestral lands. The O'Bama Administration needs to change their priorities.

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