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From the dhimmi Bishop, Munib Younan’s own website:
“Norwegian bishops and officials joined Bishop Munib A. Younan (pictured center) on a tour of the Haram es-Sharif (“Noble Sanctuary”) in Jerusalem’s Old City in late January. Here they pause in the Al-Aqsa (“Farthest”) Mosque for a group photo. The bishops visited sites in Jordan, Israel and Palestine during their week-long trip to the Holy Land. It included visits with Dr. Rafiq Husseini, Chief of Staff Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and with Nasser A. Lozi, chief of the Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan’s King Abdullah.”
This bishop, Munib Younan, and his Arab bishop cronies all belong to the Sabeel movement, which is the church propaganda wing of the Fattah/PLO. These “bishops” are involved in all kinds of organizations, movements and seminars that are ok’d by the P.A., with the goal to deligitimize the Jewish state of Israel, and promote the myth of friendly Christian/Muslim relations.
These bishops and other local church leaders form a convincing block of propagandizers for visiting the church groups and individual foreign church leaders, who then travel back to their home countries and disseminate the anti-Israel nonsense they’ve been handed.
To show just how clueless these bishops are, not only to the propaganda, but to the Islamic influence upon the local Christian “dhimmis”, take a look at the three female bishops in the picture above, who all gladly cover up their heads, when the simple taking off of their shoes is more than enough to show proper respect.
These Bishops represent a class of churchmen, whether through sheer design or through mind numbing ignorance, take the dutiful role of the dhimmi, and parrot the Arab propaganda line about the Jewish state of Israel. Who knows, perhaps their own traditional understanding of the Jews (ancient antisemitic motifs) allows them to more easily swallow whole the lies of this Arab bishop. Either way, Bishop Munib Younan and his fellow Arab bishops and fellow clergymen, have to be exposed as the lying trolls that they are. KGS
Munib Younan would never tell you that
it’s Muslim persecution that Arab Christian are afraid of

From Kitman TV: Muslims Terrorizing Christian Girls in Iraq – Sister Hatunes Testimony

More films on Muslim Persecution of Christians:



Somalis For Jesus blog. Warning, brutal video showing Muslims beheading convert from Islam to Christianity, Mansur Mohamed

NOTE: This is what Islam stands for, once their numbers reach a certain demographic, the taqqiyah ends, and the nightmare begins.

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  1. Can you give further information about the facts you presents about bishop Younan beeing part of the Sabeel- movement? Do you have any background documents which expose this fact? I am also suprised about your claim that says that Sabeel is a part of the church propaganda wing of the Fatah/PLO? Can you tell us more about that?

  2. “KGS”; i see in the link that you share, that Younan is a part of the Sabeel. If it is common knowledge that Sabeel is a part of the PLO, why don`t you share some links to this issue?

    1. What links will magically persuade you? Sabeel operates within the PA administered territories. The P.A. is a thugocracy, it doesn’t allow for any dissent of opinion, no Christian clergyman would ever dare stand on a street corner in support of Israel’s treatment of its own Christian community. Answer me that one and we can discuss any …links.

      1. I understand what you mean, and do not disagree with your analysis of the PA-controlled areas. At the same time Sabeel appears to be an international organization, not only a organisation operating within the PA territories. For me it is a difference of Sabeel being a NGO with a partnership with Fatah, in contrast to being a organization initiated from the Fatah / PLO. Maybe i misunderstood the meaning of the text in the article? I find it obvious that Sabeel will be PLO controlled in the PA areas, but to which degree is the international work controlled by PLO / Fatah?

        1. Hi Ståle, the international orgs have all been infiltrated by nefarious types who have it in for both the US and Israel and work against them for a myriad of reasons. Just look at the UN General Assembly and the Non-Aligned-Movement and the OIC etc. They are all in league with the PLO, since it offers them a convenient bat to use against them.

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