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Update: Sanna Negus was not involved with the report but…

Sanna Negus, is still a shill for the Arabs and
their dirty terrorist war against Israel
Tundraman provides the following observation and analysis of the Finnish state broadcaster YLE’s program, A-Zoom, which aired last Thursday, in which a documentary was presented concerning a Finnish Christian group’s trip to Israel, arranged by the Toivio travel agency. The YLE program provides a profound example of anti-Israel bias by these Finnish journalists, as well as their deep seated bigotry of Jews.
Hannu Reime and Sanna Negus are just a couple of prime examples of the lack of journalistic ethics in Finnish news broadcasting. They both are totally in the bag for the Arabs, with Reime at least being the more honest of the two, and admitted as such to the Tundra Tabloids a few years ago. The man is shameless hack, Negus is one as well, but she still tries to hide behind an embarressingly thin veneer of objectivity. The video (in Finnish) of the broadcast can still be viewed here until 30.10.09.   KGS

Tundraman: “300 Christian Finns travel to Israel and then the (TT: hack activist) journalist, Hannu Reime, is then interviewed about it. The document (I think it was Sanna Negus who did all the interviews and the speaking) made an obvious effort not to defame the Christian Finns, not Israel TOO much, and Hannu Reime also made an effort not to reveal his blatant anti-Zionism TOO much: Reime distinguished between religious Jews (who don’t like the Christians because they are missionaries) and secular “Zionists” (he did not mouth the word “Israelis” at all) who put up with them because they are useful.
However, the prize was again taken by the reporter in A-tuubi who in the end turned towards the TV-audience saying that they can participate on the internet in the discussion by expressing whether the Christian Finns were working for the “right cause” or whether it is wrong to “support, in the name of religion, the dominance of the chosen people” (“onko väärin tukea uskonnon varjolla valitun kansan ylivaltaa”).
In other words – for YLE there is no Israel, no Israelis, not even Zionists – just Jews, depicted in a clearly derogatory way (“the chosen people”) who should not be allowed any “dominance”. THAT is what the existence of Israel is to YLE: “Jewish dominance”.
TT contributer Al Avai adds: Here’s a narrative for it:This is just the next stage of a historical process, regarding the Europeans. We were forced into ghettos so we could not “dominate” the society, and when the ghettos were torn down, and we were released, our new “dominance” had to be met with genocide. Our remnant that returned to their sliver of land far from Europe somehow still stick in the craw of the “progressive” European thinkers because they do not live as eternal victims.
A TT colleague, Daniel adds: One of the problems with the discussion between the reporter and Hannu Reime, was that the reporter suggested that people in the program said things that they never said, and then the two discussed like people in the program had really said something they did not say. complicated 🙂 But if someone has the time to compare what people really said and what the reporter told us they said, one could perhaps show how biased he was. (not only against Israel but also against the Finnish people who support Israel motivated by their Christian faith.)

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  1. I missed that one so I'll have to check it later.

    However, this is not the first time Yle tries to smear Christians who support Israel and misrepresent their views.

    But these are the journalists who join Mads Gilbert fan club in Facebook. You can't expect anything better of them.

  2. I watched the A-Zoom and the only bias came from the leftist host of the program Jyrki Saarikoski, whose conluding remarks about "Israeli supremacy" really showed his true (red) colours.

    Hannu Reime's main weakness is related to the Palestinians. He has never been very good at explaining their motives and aspirations. For him, everything begins and ends with Jews and Israel.

  3. Thanks Vasarahammer for that. We all know that YLE and their emplowyees are biased, just some a more clever than others in covering it up.

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