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CHENEY: Obama fills the air with empty and meaningless platitudes.

H/T Vlad Tepes    

VT: While the whole speech is excellent, I think my favorite part is the accusation that Obama uses ‘underpants gnomes‘ logic in terms of terrorism. Phase 1. we can use other means to get the information we need from hardened terrorists. Phase 2 (shrugs shoulders) phase 3. we win the war on terror!

UPDATE: More on Obama having been briefed by the Bush administration about Afghanistan. This lays to rest the lies Obama and his staff are willing to spread about having to start from scratch when they took over the White House. The plans they employed in March are the very same Bush & Co had formulated before leaving office.

DICK CHENEY’S SPEECH: “On the political left, it will still be asserted that tough interrogations did no good, because this is an article of faith for them, and actual evidence is unwelcome and disregarded. President Obama himself has ruled these methods out, and when he last addressed the subject he filled the air with vague and useless platitudes. His preferred device is to suggest that we could have gotten the same information by other means. We’re invited to think so.
But this ignores the hard, inconvenient truth that we did try other means and techniques to elicit information from Khalid Sheikh Muhammed and other al-Qaeda operatives, only turning to enhanced techniques when we failed to produce the actionable intelligence we knew they were withholding. In fact, our intelligence professionals, in urgent circumstances with the highest of stakes, obtained specific information, prevented specific attacks, and saved American lives.
In short, to call enhanced interrogation a program of torture is not only to disregard the program’s legal underpinnings and safeguards. Such accusations are a libel against dedicated professionals who acted honorably and well, in our country’s name and in our country’s cause. What’s more, to completely rule out enhanced interrogation in the future, in favor of half-measures, is unwise in the extreme. In the fight against terrorism, there is no middle ground, and half-measures keep you half exposed”

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  1. I have published an Open Letter to Eric Holder, the US Attorney General, asking him to either properly investigate the 9/11 Attacks or charge me with libel for accusing Dick Cheney of murdering at least 175 innocent American citizens that fateful September morning. Please read the letter, and show your support by asking that the charges be filed against me if the government will not conduct an open investigation to find the true criminals responsible for murdering nearly 3,000 of our fellow countrymen.


    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Daniel Edd Bland III

  2. You should be charged with libel, tried and convicted and forced to paid a heavy fine to Dick Cheney.

    Then, after serving a 2-5 year jail term, forced to do community service to the families who lost loved ones fighting the jihadis responsible for 9/11.


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