Iran Shows Engagement With the West With Its Appointment of a Wanted Criminal for Defence Minister…….

Barry Rubin: “Note that since the Obama administration began talking about engagement with Iran, the regime has become more and more extremist.”

Obama: Moody, what gives with that new appointment?

Moody: Just setting the stage for more of that engagement Hussein!

From the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, comes the following:
Ahmad Vahidi, wanted by Interpol for participation in the 1994 terrorist attack in Buenos Aires, is the new designated defense minister of Iran (still unratified by the Parliament). His nomination signals the increasing strength of the Revolutionary Guards and Ahmadinejad’s intention to continue defying the West and subverting the Middle East.
1. In a television interview on August 19, Iranian President Ahmadinejad presented the 21 ministers of his new government, among them three women and seven ministers who had served in the previous government. Conspicuous was the appointment of Ahmad Vahidi, the former commander of the Qods Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, to the post of defense minister (replacing Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, the new interior minister). The list of ministers has been passed on the Majlis (Iranian Parliament) for ratification. Ahmad Vahidi was also deputy defense minister during Ahmadinejad’s first term as president and chairman of the political-security committee of the Iranian Expediency Discernment Council.
2. Ahmad Vahidi commanded the Qods Force of the Revolutionary Guards from the late 1980s to the early 1990s. The Qods force is the covert wing for special operations beyond Iran’s borders. It specializes in exporting the Iranian Islamic revolution and supporting terrorist organizations and other groups subverting pragmatic Arab regimes, operating in a variety of ways, including terrorism and subversion. 1
3. Ahmad Vahidi played a major role in planning and directing the suicide bombing attack of the Jewish community building in Buenos Aires (See below). He was also involved in the car bombing terrorist attack of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia (June 25, 2006), carried out by a group calling itself “Hezbollah Hijaz.” The attack, in which the Revolutionary Guards, the office of Supreme Leader Khamenei and the Iranian intelligence ministry were directly involved, claimed the lives of 19 American soldiers and one Saudi Arabian national, and wounded more than 400.2 Ahmad Vahidi’s name has also been linked to Iran’s nuclear program and since June 24, 2008. He had been on the European Union’s list as connected to Iran’s nuclear and ground-to-ground missile activity,3 and it is forbidden to have dealings with him of any sort.

Read more about this scum bag here. And to think that B.Hussein Obama’s “advisors” are busy advising how much it’s in the US’s favor to keep up the charade that, more engagement will lead to a less radical of an Iran. Bull sh*t. Here is what Barry Rubin has to say about it as well.

It is beyond belief: Iran’s government has named a wanted terrorist, Ahmad Vahidi, as its defense minister.

And even that’s not all: Vahidi ran the Qods force in the 1980s and 1990s, making him responsible for liaison between Iran and foreign terrorist groups, you know, the people to whom a nuclear device might be given, exploded somewhere, and then Iran can disclaim responsibility.

And there’s more: he was also involved in the June 25, 2006, car bombing attack on the Khobar Towers which killed 19 American soldiers and a Saudi civilian. More than 400 were wounded.

Even the European Union has him on their “no-talk” list.

Can you imagine all the terrorist operations he ordered and planned that we don’t know about?

So please forgive me if I use capital letters:


This is the man who would have control over Iran’s nuclear weapons and long-range missiles.

And the United States has said…. And the Western reaction is….

I can’t hear you!

Right, that’s precisely the problem, and neither can Tehran.

But let’s consider this development for a moment. In all other countries, the defense minister’s job is to run the armed forces. He has to decide what weapons to buy, how to use resources, and how to conduct operations of regular soldiers.

In contrast, in Iran, the “military” forces being used are terrorists. Therefore, a background in terrorism is the best credential for defense minister. Terrorism is the projection of military force by Iran, to destroy its foes, expand its influence, spread revolution, and subordinate other countries to its will (and perhaps even rule).

Institutionally, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the extremely radical and highly ideological parallel force to the regular military, is the base of power for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. To a large extent, it has become the ruler of Iran, that is with the permission of the leading figure, Spiritual Guide Ali Khamenei. Therefore, being a high-level IRGC operative is the best credential for being defense minister.

Read it all. Terrorist Zahidi: Crime pays

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