US: American Anger Frustrating and Frightening Law Makers on Health Care…….

‘The People’ can only be pushed so far

Proud American:You bunch of lying scum,DON’T TREAD ON ME!US politicians better reunite themselves with the ideas that made the US great, or face “The Mob” as a result for turning their backs on the Founding Fathers’ dreams for America.
Sen. Claire McCaskill at her Missouri health care forum: “I don’t understand this rudeness,” “I honestly don’t get it.” She has lost all touch with the roots that made this country great, and if she, and the rest of her colleagues don’t wise up and reform themselves, turning the pages back towards the period in American history that made the USA the envy of the world, they will find that they have a revolution on their hands.This latest outrage of the people is only a sample of what lies under the surface, that’s something that the Left and pseudo conservative bloggers like Charles Johnson at LGF, fail to understand. Johnson has said on his blog that he is against the way people have voiced their opinions at the town hall meetings, he calls their actions zoo-like.He (Charles Johnson) even believes that MSNBC’s Chris Mathews took the protestor (who was sporting a side arm near a town hall event where Obama was to speak) to task during the interview. What a bunch of nonsense. The man being interviewed who wore a side arm (something that is native to New Hampshire) at a political event carrying a sign stating that the “Tree of Liberty needs to be watered”, handled his message rather well.

This all comes down to the point about what Sen. Claire McCaskill and her fellow Dems (and pseudo conservatives) have been saying about the town hall meetings that have been discussing Obama’s health care initiatives. What they call rudeness, the US’s Founding Father’s would call rigorous debate and would have been joining in on the debate by turning up the volume of their speech, not whining about the noise level.If anyone doubts that, just look to how the House of Commons responds to opinions being heard during a session that are not to its liking….the noise level can be very intimidating. That is the cultural legacy the British left to the Founding Fathers, who were a part of that culture, and if anyone thinks that the Bill of Rights or even the Declaration of Independence was quielty hashed out while being crafted……think again.These town hall meetings are being conducted in a more traditional American way than the current system of government is being handled, and that these politicians just don’t get it, is very revealing, more than they’ll ever know. KGSLawmakers face angry crowds on health care

LEBANON, Pa. – Jeers and taunts drowned out Democrats calling for a health care overhaul at town halls Tuesday, and one lawmaker said a swastika was spray-painted at his office as debate turned to noisy confrontation over President Barack Obama’s plan. The president himself was treated more respectfully.

“You’ll be gone, by God the bureaucrats will still be here,” one man told Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., at a town hall in Lebanon, Pa.

“If they don’t let us vent our frustrations out, they will have a revolution,” Mary Ann Fieser of Hillsboro, Mo., told Sen. Claire McCaskill at her Missouri health care forum.

McCaskill admonished the rowdy crowd of some 1,500.

“I don’t understand this rudeness,” she said. “I honestly don’t get it.”

The bitter sessions underscored the challenge for the administration as it tries to win over an increasingly skeptical public on the costly and far-reaching task of revamping the nation’s health care system. Desperate to stop a hardening opposition, the White House created a Web site to dispel what it says are smears and House Democrats set up a health care “war room” out of Majority Leader Steny Hoyer’s office to help lawmakers handle questions.

Obama answered his critics indirectly. At his town hall in Portsmouth, N.H., he urged Americans to ignore those who try to “scare and mislead the American people,” telling a cordial audience, “For all the scare tactics out there, what is truly scary is if we do nothing.”

Though his popularity is slipping in polls, Obama himself is repeatedly trying to make the case to the public for passage of comprehensive legislation this year to bring down costs and extend coverage to many of the 50 million uninsured.

Obama’s questions bore no resemblance to what Specter got.

NOTE: Here is a comment explaining the background behind William Kostric’s actions.

I am a Native New Hampshirite. Unless you were raised there you would not get William Kostric’s message.

First people were not happy. If you look at this video from WMUR, NH’s only national media affiliate (ABC,) you will see that the Real NH people were relegated to the student parking lot across the street from Portsmouth High School, while the Obama supporters were allowed directly in front of the High School. And it was raining.


Second check the more conservativee way the NH people were dressed – much less skin showing. Even the reporter was dressed NH style. Then note the amount of flesh showing on the Obama supporters. Bluntly put the Obama Supporters were “bussed” in and are NOT NH people.

Also the people allowed in the High School auditorium all wore the Organize for America buttons and were “friendlies”. Looking at that audience it is very doubtful that very many of those people are from NH, as many were “overdressed”. Also, NH people do NOT wear buttons as a general rule. Our fiends and neighbors know our feelings. But these people deal every 4 years with the invasion of the national media who treat them like peasants, and literally follow them home and constantly harrass them. So NH people do NOT advertise their opinions with buttons as we dislike the national media very much.

REAL town hall meetings are an honored tradition and a matter of pride. The meetings themselves are usually quite contentious. After the meeting everyone shares breads, pies and other baked goods provided by the women, as well as, tea, coffee, or even a beer, and hard feelings are soothed over. Everyone goes home knowing they are all, inclusively, part of the community. Unless you grew up there, you will never understand how close, warm and deep that community feeling is.

William Kostric’s message was very simple -”FU Obama you are NOT taking our liberties away and we KNOW you are making a mockery of our traditions with your phony town hall meetings and fake audience. And Kostric is right, most NH males do own guns and hunting and fishing in season are favorite “man” things to do.

Lastly, listen to how erudite, educated, Kostric is. He knew his history and corrected Matthews a few times on the sequence and order of things. Kostric also knew quotes from the founding fathers verbatim.

NH people DO NOT turn into mobs or crazies. When they get angry, they speak with their neighbor’s and members of their community and figure out the most logical and common sense way to “get even” in a figure of speech. Kostric was simply stating his opinion by dress, and his sign. The only ones freaking out were the out of staters we call “Outlanders” or “Flatlanders”.

Hopefully I explained my state and its culture so everyone understands.

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