Islamic Crusades 6: India’s Millenial Burden…….

Occidental Soapbox has a new video uploaded to Youtube, and it’s worth checking out. When the word “crusade” is mentioned, it’s always placed in the context of Christendom’s military campaigns in the Middle East to regain it’s holy places. Occidental Soapbox does us all a favor by pointing out the military campaigns of Islam, which invaded the Indian sub-continent and sustained it’s invasion for centuries.

Murder, rape and plunder, as well as the forced conversion of the hated polytheists was the standard rationale for extending Islam’s reach into the region. This is a history not well known outside of India, and why most Indians the Tundra Tabloids has talked with, have a well deserved fear of Islam. Check out the video and visist Occidental Soapbox for the transcript. KGS

H/T: Occidental Soapbox

OS: “This video gives you a general overview from approximately the 8th century to the 18th century. In Episode 7 I will cover the period following the Mughal Era to the present day, including the post-colonial partition and modern acts of terrorism. Enjoy.”

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