Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Australia

Australia’s Tilt Left Leads to Shift in Politics With Israel…….

Shades of things to come with an Obama administration? Only time will tell, but if one analyzes what is happening down under, with one of Israel’s staunchest allies, or used to be, it gives cause for concern. The former Howard government was a no-nonsense one, in a refreshing kind of way, where truth and reality crashed head long into diplo-speak, and won, and it was reflected in his policies towards Israel’s enemies. That’s all changing with the Rudd government.

AUSTRALIA has switched its position to vote against Israel on two resolutions at the United Nations, ending the Howard government’s unswerving alignment with the United States and raising concern from the Jewish community.

The move also signals to the incoming Obama administration that the Rudd Government plans to take a different approach to the Howard government on the international stage.
In the weekend vote in New York, Australia supported a resolution calling on Israel to stop establishing settlements in the Palestinian territories and a resolution calling for the Geneva Conventions to apply in the Palestinian territories.

The resolutions on the Middle East peace process are held annually and the Howard government had backed both from 1996 to 2002 but in 2003 began to vote against or abstain. It was a move that aligned Australia with only the US, Israel, the US Marshall Islands, Nauru, Palau and Micronesia and put the country at odds with Britain, Canada, New Zealand and France.

Australian officials told the UN the Government had changed its position because it supported a two-state resolution of the conflict to deliver a secure Israel living beside a viable Palestinian state and that Australia believed both sides should abide by their obligations under the Road Map for Peace.

Never mind the fact that Israel is legally intitled to be in the West Bank, and build there, and that the Geneva Conventions could never be interpreted to apply in the disputed territories gained in war that was not of Israel’s choosing. But hey, this is the Alice in Wonderland world of Middle East politics where nothing is called by its right name, and anyone caught doing so is to be shunned. Remember, when the world deals with the issues concerning the Middle East conflict, ideology always trumps fact. KGS

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  1. Kevin Rudd came to power largely based on a scare campaign relating to major reforms proposed by the Howard government in the industrial relations arena.

    Rudd is an ex-diplomat and now spends his time travelling the world pretending that he is still a diplomat.

    Makes a big deal that he speaks fluent Mandarin learned at the tax payers expense.

    I doubt whether Rudd has much of a clue about the Middle East – a major focus being a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

    What does that tell you about the man?

    John Bolton ought to have a heart to heart talk with him.

    Most of our journalists are ignorant about the Middle East as well, one exception being Greg Sheridan who was in Israel recently.

    Its very disappointing to learn that Australia has changed its stance on Israel at this stage – hopefully the Rudd Labour Government will get booted out in two years time.

    One can only hope.

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