Old Arab Postage Stamps Reveal Anti-Israel Animosity…….

Tundra Tabloids’ contributor, Al Avai, sends the following: This is worth checking out. We can see how the peace process has been recognized and supported by the Arab states in their postage stamps. The site is in Norwegian, but you won’t need the text to get the message. Take note of the UN emblem on the stamp, this is not just a statement for the Muslim Ummah, but for the whole world.

The last stamp is from Libya, another one of those Arab states that shares no border with the Jewish one, and yet, would like nothing better than to see it demolished. Nothing has changed since the time when these stamps were printed, though Arab leaders are not as brazen in their rhetoric as in earlier years, they still loathe Israel.
It’s out of their religious hatred for Jews who dare to stand as equals in the Muslim world, instead of behaving in their traditional role as a ‘dhimmi’, or second class person, who knew full well to walk in the gutter and stare into the mud when a Muslim passed by. As TINSC has always said, in a world void of antisemitism, the War Against Israel (WAI) could not exist. KGS

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