A New US President Means Dusting Off Old Peace Plans…….

I really wouldn’t read too much into it. The so called Saudi Peace Plan is a non-starter for a plethora of reasons, even if the rumble behind the scenes that the Saudis won’t insist on the return of the Palestinian refugees to Israel turns out to be true.

More than any one deal breaker in particular, it’s the Palestinians themselves that will, in the end, prove incapable of doing anything concrete.

J’lem Post: US President-elect Barack Obama is planning to base his peacemaking efforts in the Middle East on the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, The Sunday Times reported on Sunday, quoting sources close to Obama.

The Arab Peace Initiative, based on the Saudi peace plan of February 2002, calls for a full Israeli withdrawal from all territories taken in the Six Day War, including east Jerusalem, in exchange for normalizing ties with the Arab world. Quoting an adviser to Obama, the report states that during his visit to the Middle East in July, the President-elect said Israel would be “crazy” to refuse a deal that could “give them peace with the Muslim world.”

Is it troublesome that the incoming Obama administration is already talking the Saudis’ language from the git-go? Well of course it is, but the upcoming elections in Israel early next year, will determine whether or not a Barack Obama has an easier time at getting the Israelis on board, if at all.

But most importantly, the fundamental problem with ‘peace plans’, is that there is little to no historical reference from which to draw from, that gives us hope that any such plan would succeed. As I have stated repeatedly, one does not make peace with one’s enemies, but with one’s former enemies.

One simple way to gage whether or not the Palestinians are indeed ready for peace, is how they treat Israel in their media, schools and mosques. I can guarantee a noticeable amount of interest on the Israeli side in exploring peace solutions with the Palestinians, if the simple step is taken to rid anti-Israel and anti-Jewish rhetoric from within the Palestinian Authority. But that isn’t happening, far from it. KGS

TINSC comments: “Why do Arabs need land concessions from the Jews for peace? They’ve been living quite nicely for the past 40 years with their present borders. Gaza is now Judenrein. Why are Arabs in Gaza still trying to murder the State of Israel? If the War Against Israel were only about land, territory and borders, there would be no War Against Israel as we know it. The real fact that NO Presidential Administration has ever addressed with any strength of volume is that the War Against Israel couldn’t possibly exist in a Muslim world void of anti-Semitism.
TT: Ditto. All the more reason to treat “peace plans” -both new and regurgitated- as disingenuous attempts by Western leaders to be seen as doing something, anything, to appease voters at home and the Arab oil cartel. It’s all of course another reason to get of Arab oil.
UPDATE: TINSC says that the J’lem Post is reporting that: “the claim that Sen. O’Bama has endorsed the Saudi plan is flat-out wrong.”

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