An Antisemite Visits the Tundra Tabloids…….

Ah yes, when the antisemites come out of the wood work to post their poison, the best remedy is to expose their thinking and ideology for what it is,…anti-intellectual, disingenuous, hate inspired nonsense.

An anonymous person (how typical is that?) left the following comments to a TT post on the fascist-Islamist alliance, as well as to a post on the death of far Right-wing BZÖ leader, Jörg Haider.

Apparently the Tundra Tabloids has hit a nerve with a Neo-Nazi sympathizer who clings to the fanciful notion that there is “no similarity between Islam and Fascism”.

Anonymous: “There is no similarity between Islam and Fascism, except that they are both mass movements that have clashed with Jews. As for WHY that happened, answering it becomes a whole lot easier if we learn to accept that the collective interests of Jews aren’t always the same as those of others, and often clash with them. However, as you’ve argued, people tend to take the easier route that requires less effort. So they just explain it as “antisemitism”.
The above statement is of course absolutely false. It’s undeniable that the nexus between the two starkingly similar ideologies in fact exist. The main, motivating elements inherent in both belief systems, are to exert full control over society through a system that energizes the indivdiual to work as a part of the apparatus of the state.
One important aspect of that motivation is the promotion of the absolute hatred of “the other” in order to help sharpen the mind, thus giving a sense on oneness and purpose. The mad prophet of Islam formulated that ideology over fourteen hundred years ago, and his successors have helped to refine it ever since. Mohamed developed a political/militarial/social/economic and legal system that encouraged a deep hatred and suspicion of the infidel (non-Muslim), in which Jews were given unequal attention.
European aristocracy hating upstart capitalists

The very same could be said of both Marxism and its break-away heretic cousin, Fascism, both systems were developed with an intense hatred of the other. In the beginning the Marxists focused their hate towards international capitalism, which threatened the traditional role of the ruling elites. In short, their financial power base was being chipped away by these upstart captialists who came from every walk of life.

Hence the intense loathing by Europe’s political elite of the Americans, where anyone with a good sense for business and an appetite for hard work could rise above his/her predetermined station in life, and rise from obscurity to challenge the traditional powers that be. What a frightening thought for the upper classes in Europe! The Marxists were very much a part of Europe’s ruling intellectual elite, and something had to be done in order to counter the slow eroding of their traditional role and power base in society. Karl Marx and his fellow Socialist thinkers were from the ruling classes, and it was the ruling classes that were going to determine how the future was going to be re-engineered.

The lower class (the proletariat) would never be allowed as equals in a Marxist society, they were to be the engine of society, never the engineer.

Marxism hating the FascistsThen we see a shift or fracture in the focus of Marxist hatred, a new upstart has emerged to challenge the standard bearers of International Socialism, the Fascists, who deemed (and correctly) class warfare to be nothing more than a myth. They (the Fascists) were going to take the badly stalled socialist program and put it into fastforward and focus it only (for the time being) on their own states.Again, one crucial ingredient in order to sharpen the mind and give focus to the masses, was to develope a hatred of the other. The hatred that the National Socialists developed varied from state to state. Italian Fascism did not embody the intense Jew hatred that was developed in Nazi Germany under Adolf Hitler, but they did succomb to it, rather than fight it. Italian Fascism under Mussolini had an intense hatred for the Marxists as did Adolph Hitler, as well as for upstart capitalism. The state needed dutiful capitalism as long as it served the state in thought and in deed, individualism that accompanied capitalism was to be a thing of the past.The very same can be said of the Islamic system, where dutiful drones carry out the work of the Islamist state. Individualism in an Islamic state is an extremely rare commodity, and when one looks at the historical development of the modern state in the Islamic Middle East, their acceptance of National Socialism in the 30’s and 40’s and then International Socialism in a post WWII world, is only a natural development. They simply chose one over the other (while keeping some aspects of the former) simply because Fascism was defeated in Europe. But it remains alive in various forms in the Muslim Middle East.

The examples are legion, and in a way, I’m glad for the opportunity to delve once again into the history of these nasty ideologies, Marxism, Fascism and Islam(ism). To understand one of them, is to understand them all. KGS
Fjordman has more to add on it here.

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