Former Muslim Director Faces Prosecution in Finnish Court For Embezzlement…….

Two men, both a former director and a spokesman for an immigrant support group based in Finland, face prosecution for skimming donated funds into their private accounts. Though the Helsingin Sanomat article doesn’t name the individuals, according to the Finnish blog Scripta, one of those charged was none other than Ali Qassim, co-author of a report on racism in Finland.
According to the Helsingin Sanomat, “a police investigation has discovered that the men used 20 000-30 000 of the 100 000 Euros given to them from the Finnish Foreign Ministry’s development fund, for their own wages, debts and for organizational expences.
The prosecuting attorney, Jaakko Tapala said that he’s not charging the two for mishandling most of the funds, because at least a portion was used for the legal purpose. He also acknowledged that their accounting books were so badly mismanaged, that it’s impossible to trace how all the money was used.
The development cooperation funding was supposed to be used for orphans and for the schooling of refugees in Somalia, as well as for the support of children who are abused and involved with prostitution in the Filipines.”
These idiots should have been properly vetted by the Finnish immigration services for their competence in being organizers and running such an operation. Seeing that Ali Qassim has much to say about racism in Finland, perhaps he will have as much to say about embezzlement in Finland as well. I’ll be waiting for his report. KGS

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