Caption That Picture……!

Municipal elections are drawing near and the Leftist media has its claws out. Perus-suomalainen party spokesman, Timo Soini stands up for a break after he was labeled a populist and the PS was disparaged for being an anti-immigrant party.
[Note: Anyone who is a serious vote gatherer and doesn’t belong to the SDP party, or not a member of a party that is a part of the current Finnish government, is then ….a populist.]
Leif Salmén also took pot shots at Jussi Halla-Aho, (who’s up for election as well) for being a bigot, and then Timo Soini (standing) refused to denounce him. It’s a foregone conclusion that, Leif Salmén most certainly took Halla-Aho’s words out of context, though I haven’t a clue where he picked them from. If you happen to be for measured, reasonable immigration, then you’re immediately labeled a racist, it’s much easier than debating in an honest intellectual way. KGS
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