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EyeOnTheUN: Ahmadinejad’s Vulgur Anti-Semitic Speech at UN Receives Thunderous Ovation…….

Ahmadinejad’s anti-Semitic rant at the UN was revolting, disgusting and contemptible, but at the United Nations, it passed for a great speech that deserved a thunderous round of applause.
That is the age in which we live, where open, unashamed, vulgar anti-Semitism is met with growing approval. Every discredited anti-Jewish canard known to man is being dished out, swallowed whole, and then regurgitated up for further dissemination to the public at large.

Yet again we are witness to a slow train wreck, while the UN however, finds time to ban any criticism of an ideology (Islam) that openly promotes the vilification of Jews as a people.

The OIC (Organization of The Islamic Conference) includes member Muslim states that have official policies that guarantee the funding, promotion and dissemination of the most vile anti-Semitism, seen, since the rise of Nazi Germany. Ironic as it is predictable, these very same states seek to ban any criticism of their Islamic practices, noticeably in the sharia (Islamic law), that are both anti-civil and anti-human rights in both word and in deed. The UN applauds!

The majority of states within today’s United Nations only have a “soft spot” for tyrants and thugs and totalitarian ideologies, any other state that doesn’t fall sway to their way of thinking are deemed to be under the power of the international Jew. That is the present day international political climate the world finds itself in today. It’s a disgusting and revolting spectacle to witness. KGS

H/T: Daniel

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