Palestinian Al-Qaida Affiliate Denounces Iranian Shia Influences in Palestinian Areas…….

Terrorist leader Abu Muhammed al-Maqdisi, of the Palestinian Islamic Army, said in an interview with Arab TV network Al-Arabiya on Wednesday that:

“Our group is ideologically linked to al-Qaeda. At the moment there are no ties from an organisational point of view,” […] “We are present in Gaza but also in the West Bank and inside the territories occupied by Israel in 1948,” […]

“Iran is trying to spread Shia Islam in the region, and despite the contrasting differences with the United States, both are still enemies of Allah,” said al-Maqdisi.”Iran and Hezbollah are misbelievers and must be fought as enemies of Allah.”

So here is a verification of both Iran’s, and its surrogate, Hezbollah’s presence and impact inside the disputed territories, as well as in Israel itself. The Sunni Palestinian terror group, “Islamic Army” is upset over the Iranian Shia machinations in converting their co-religionists to Shia Islam.

To any of the fence sitters reading this post, there shouldn’t be any more doubt as to the danger Iran poses to both Israel and the Palestinians themeselves. Iran is very focused on creating as hostile an enviorement on Israel’s borders as is possible. More here. *L* KGS

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