Paleostinians S'derot Terrorism

S’derot slammed by Palestinian Qassams…….

At 8:00 in the morning, a series of Palestinian Qassam rockets (11) slammed into the city of S’derot as people were going to work and children filing into school.

The alarms sent people rushing to find shelter, and according to Ynet:

A woman was mildly injured and taken to the Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon. Several others suffered shock. Two rockets landed in a residential area and caused damage to a number of homes, one of which is located near an elementary school. Another Qassam hit the city’s industrial zone, while the rest landed in open fields.

The heavy barrage began at around 8 am, as Sderot’s children were entering the local schools and kindergartens.

“I was just leaving the house for the school bus when the Color Red alert sounded off,” a local high school student told Ynet. “We were lucky enough to have a fortified bus stop near us, so we all hid there until the bus came,” she added.

This is why Israel is once again forced into the area of Gaza, an area that was totally vacated of Jews just a few years ago. Were the Arabs happy to have seen tangible proof that Israel can enforce its own political decisions concerning settlements?

Hell no, because they’re interested in the whole of Israel, with the dream of a “greater Palestine” still finding a large measure of approval within the Arab camp. The Palestinians are not operating out of desperation, but out of hope, because they’ll always find suckers in the west to help fund their terrorist enterprise.

The result of European “sympathy” for this intransigent group of people ruled by thugs, means that more rockets will rain down on S’derot, and other Israeli cities as they learn to increase the distance of their rockets. More here. *L* KGS

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