Hamas War Against the Jihad

Son of Hamas Terrorist Kingpin Zahar Was Killed in Strike…….

And the “mother of all state sponsors of terrorism”, Iran, offers its condolences to the Hamas leader over the death of his terrorist son:

“Al-Zahar’s loses said Mottaki, was a “guarantee of victory” for Hamas, adding that the IDF strike was a result of US President George W. Bush’s visit to the area and his expresses support for Israel. “

Only these type of creepy leaders in the Muslim/Arab world can offer such fanciful statements. who knows, they might even believe the words they’re saying. Here’s a brief rundown on what happened.

“The operation Tuesday began when undercover Israeli troops moved several hundred yards into the territory to strike an abandoned house east of Gaza City that militants used for rocket-launching operations, Hamas said.

When Palestinian militants discovered the force, an exchange of fire erupted, the militants said. In the ensuing clashes, Israeli tanks fired at least three shells and aircraft struck twice in the area, Hamas said.

In all, 12 fighters and three civilians were killed by late morning, and more than 40 Palestinians were wounded, militants and doctors said. Shifa Hospital put out a radio call for blood donations because of the large number of wounded.”

So Hussam Zahar, son of the leader of Hamas, was in an area where Qassam rockets were being launched into Israel. Imagine the shock of his father to learn that his son was involved in terrorism! More here. *L* KGS

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