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UN Backed Cultural Relativism Project Unveiled…….

The UN, that life sucking, morally corrupted institution that majors in the defiance of gravity, is at it again. The Non-aligned Movement (read = Islamic countries and those who toe their line) has its fingerprints all over this one.

They want to build bridges huh? Let them start in their own back yards first.

“The UN-backed First Forum of Alliance of Civilizations ended in Madrid Wednesday with 12 projects approved to address differences between cultures, said the organizers. The UN high representative for the body, Jorge Sampaio said during the closing ceremony the alliance is a unique example that the United Nations can adapt to emerging challenges.

Spain’s vice president, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, said in a speech to close the meeting that “the Alliance is fundamental to build friendship between countries and to strengthen respect for human rights.” “The Alliance of Civilizations is the biggest effort carried out so far by the international community to realize the goals to enforce the security of the world,”

Riiiight. Feel the fuzzy warmth of those statements. The Islamic states are pushing all of this of course, as well as their dhimmified non-Muslim partners, to address the differences between cultures in order to protect their own inferior cultures from joining the modern world.

This is just another Eurabian ploy, but on a global scale, that will seek to limit western influence for change in the Islamic world. I do not believe that the respect for human rights will be strengthened one bit, on the contrary, the west will be expected to understand the differences in culture, even for immigrants living in, or moving to, the west.

All the emphasis on understanding the differences between cultures, will move predictably in one direction, to the west. Our western culture, which is built on hard won freedoms, the rule of law, freedom of speech etc., and thus far morally superior to anything in existence, will be expected to allow for non-western jurisprudence and traditions to thrive within its midst.

The UN is the worst example of an institution awash in moral relativism, and we need not allow for it to dictate for us, those of us in the west, what is acceptable and what is not. What once was a trumpet for third world communism, is now a trumpet for multiculturalism and moral relativism, and it needs to be exposed for what it is. In other words, get bent. More here. *L* KGS

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