UN Ceremony UN-recognizes Israel…….

Once again, the UN hosts another Palestinian ceremony that pays homage to those who choose violence over peace, and murder over co-existence. The UN honors terrorists that have murdered Israelis, while sticking a knife into the heart of Israeli identity. The NGO, ‘Eye On The UN’, has a video showing a panel of UN officials which included UN Sec-Gen Kofi Annan along with the Presidents of the UN and the General Assembly, standing in a ‘moment of silent tribute’ to all those who have committed terrorist acts of violence towards Israelis over the past 60 years.

Atrocious acts of terrorism committed by Palestinian terrorists against the citizens of Israel, are commemorated annually by the UN and its legion of anti-Israel voices. Its no wonder then, that the Arabs continue to use such tactics, seeing that its garnishes them favor and approval from the international community. That the heads of the UN chose to partake in an event that included a map the does not even recognize the state of Israel, is as appalling as it is an outrage.

It only serves to embolden Palestinian terrorist groups to commit future acts of terrorism against the citizens of Israel, effectively making the UN General Assembly into a co-belligerent against the Jewish state. Its highly hypocritical of the UN to sanction a ceremony that, on the one hand, rewards past acts of terrorism, while releasing public statements that condemn such acts, on the other. KGS

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