Helsinki Islamization Sharia

Islamic Religious Police Patrol Helsinki…….


What’s next, enforcement of the Hjab? Helsinki police have obviously allowed for the enforcement of Islamic patrols in and around the center of the city.

somali kanava sharia police

Two of the individuals interviewed have made it clear that they will not tolerate Somali girls to ‘be out late at night’.

“It seems like the presence of the patrol on the streets upholds the social system of the immigrant community more than anything else. This may also be behind the fact that there no Somali girls to be seen. “We have no trouble with the girls,” says Musse over some coffee. Mohmad Musse,28 : “We do not run into girls often this late. It would be shameful for them to run into us in the street. They do not want to lose face in front of their community.”

The Somali Finnish version of the ‘Gaurdian Angels’, the Kanava Nuoriso (“Channel Youth”), state their aim “a non governmental, non political, non religious organization concerned with civil society issues particularly those relating to the youth.” ….but also to keep ‘an eye’ on Somali youths and keep them from getting into fights if necessary.

The question remains as to why the city of Helsinki is allowing this form of exclusive ethinc ‘policing’ to occur in the first place. Something is strangely wrong here, and needs to followed very closely, to ensure that Islamic sharia isn’t being imposed upon Finnish citizens, even with a smile.

somali kanava sharia police2

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