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Daniel Greenfield: President Trump is Defending the People, Democrats are Attacking Them…….


Donald Trump has been the most positive force in correcting the damage to the US system and society in general since Ronald Reagan…


President Trump is Defending the People, Democrats are Attacking Them

Republicans want to count every legal vote, while Democrats want to count every illegal opinion.

Daniel Greenfield

Democrats claimed that the 2016 election was stolen, Republicans say that the 2020 election is being stolen. But there is a fundamental difference in how they say the theft happened.


The Democrats and their media have spent four years claiming that the 2016 election was tampered with through “disinformation”. Disinformation has become the latest media buzzword whose meaning is both ambiguous and menacing. Every opposing point of view, on any issue, is now labeled “disinformation” and falsely described as being a “threat to democracy”.


Strip away the Orwellian buzzwords and what they are really saying is that the election was stolen because the voters had access to wrongthink and accordingly voted the wrong way.


Ignore the actual merits of the proposition and compare it to the Republican argument.


Republicans are saying that the 2020 election was stolen through systematic election fraud. They’re not saying that the election was stolen because people.had the wrong views.


The proposed Republican solution to the election fraud is to verify the legitimacy of the vote while the Democrat solution to their claim of election theft was and is massive censorship.


Republicans want to empower voters while Democrats want to disempower them.

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