Republican GOP US Election fraud

The Lin Wood Faction of the GOP Need to Wisen Up…


The thinking behind some Trump supporters wanting Georgia US GOP senators to lose is hard to fathom…


Do they actually think that if the Democrats gain both houses that they’ll just sit on their laurels and not engage in the same anti-Republic tactics and policies that they’ve been using up until now? If the Democrats gain the White House by cheating, they will own it all, lock, stock, and barrel.


Full-blown tyranny ensues.


Even if Trump manages to overturn the fraudulent election, if the GOP fails to maintain the Senate, he risks impeachment by a tyrannical Democrat party led congress. A Senate majority leader, Sen.Chuck Schumer (D), and a Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D), will be in full Stalinist mode in rigging both House and Senate hearings, while a dutiful media and social media shuts out conservatives to freely propagandize an already fed up and weary public. In the “Never GA-GOP Held Senate” scenario, either way, Trump and the conservatives lose, big time.


Full-blown tyranny ensues.


The only logical way forward is for the Senate to remain in Republican hands, which during the tyrannical Democrat-led impeachment trial in 2020, acted responsibly. Even the two Left-leaning GOP politicians in the Senate, Sen.Susan Collins (R) and, Mitt Romney (R), voted against impeaching President Trump.


What the Never GA-GOP Held Senate faction is demanding, is literally a “throwing out the baby with the bathwater” strategy. So, wisen up, folks. You have to fight on all fronts, that’s what the Democrats do, and until everyone learns that, the Democrats will continue to roll conservatives.


Full-blown tyranny ensues.

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