Daniel Greenfield: A Visit to Dubai Shows the Enduring Power of President Trump’s Peacemaking…….


Many more things like this to come during the next Trump Administration…!


A Visit to Dubai Shows the Enduring Power of President Trump’s Peacemaking

Shillman Fellows open a new front in the fight against terror and BDS on campuses.

While the Biden campaign was announcing a slate of radicals sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood to stack its foreign policy desk if it ever takes over the government, a very different sort of trip was underway in the middle east that clarified how wrong and dangerous they were.


In an event that would have been inconceivable under Barack Obama, the Shillman Fellows of Reservists on Duty, an organization founded by Israeli military veterans that tours college campuses to speak about the realities of fighting terrorism, were on their way to Dubai.


Dubai, as part of the United Arab Emirates, had formerly banned Israeli travelers, but was now welcoming them in as part of the Abraham Accords overseen by the Trump administration.


Amit Deri, the executive director of Reservists on Duty, who had served in command and combat positions, and is a major in the Israeli reserves, had been searching for a way to push back against the hatred he was seeing from the BDS movement. Now, even as support for BDS hate is growing in America and Europe, Amit and his fellow Reservists on Duty were on their way to one of the countries that had been boycotting the Jewish State for generations.


Reservists on Duty had been set up with the generous support of Dr. Robert Shillman to fight the good fight on college campuses, but now its Shillman Fellows were bound to where few Israelis had gone before in a flight that would have been impossible before President Trump.

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