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Pennsylvanian Legislature Convenes Hearing in Gettysburg To Discuss Fraudulent Voting…….


One thing that should be remembered of President Donald Trump, on top of his other accomplishments as president, after his eight years are up, is that he taught the Republicans how to fight, and win…



Pennsylvania vote hearing: Supporting effort in the fight for 2020 sounds trumpet call from Gettysburg

People weren’t paying much attention to the hearing scheduled by Republicans of the Pennsylvania state Senate on the vote irregularities President Trump’s legal team is pursuing in court.

They weren’t paying a lot of attention when it was announced, just a day or so ago.


They’re paying attention now.


I caught about two thirds of the livestream while it was in progress.  The video of the whole event is below.  It’s long (over three hours), but worthwhile if you can make the time.


Democrats were of course invited to participate, but they declined to do so.  The hearing was held in a venue at Gettysburg, rather than in the state capitol chambers in Harrisburg.  Given the gravity of the situation facing America in 2020, with so much evidence of fraud attending the 3 November vote, that was a good call.  The import for America’s future of failing to address the vote irregularities, most of which can only be explained by fraud, is on the level of the outcome of the Civil War.

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