Anti-Islamization Asylum policies Fighting Back Hungary

Viktor Orban: Hungarians have lived with Muslims for 150 years, This why we don’t want them…….


Please tell me how this sentiment is wrong…


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Viktor Orban / Nice: “Hungarians have lived with Muslims for 150 years, they know them. This is why, despite pressure from Brussels, Hungary no longer wants to allow the entry of Muslims or migrants. (…) The future of Africans is in Africa ”


Hungary no longer wants to allow Muslims to enter its territory

In connection with the attacks in France, Viktor Orban said that the Hungarians knew the Muslims, they had lived with them for 150 years.


He believes that if a country lets them in, it must learn to live with them and their religion. This is why, despite pressure from Brussels, Hungary no longer wants to allow the entry of Muslims or migrants.

“If we don’t want to see this in Hungary, we must not let them in”, declared the Prime Minister, adding that in addition to the few already present, “we do not want to let in new ones , especially we do not want to allow the arrival of migrants ”.


He said we should not allow Brussels to force rules in Hungary that would result in being allowed to enter Hungary “which we don’t want and then we can go to the funeral”.


The government will not change its migration policy:


The future of Africans is in Africa, and the future of Hungarians is in Hungary.


We help them do whatever we can to help them live better in their country, but we do not support them to come to Hungary.


Viktor Orban devastated by the attacks


He said that Western Europe had to accept that we had to protect our borders. Previously life was calm and safe and now we have to fear for our loved ones.


It is possible to tell if European freedom of expression is well organized – certainly not – but there is certainly no reason for someone to kill people in a church, even if there is a legitimate wrong.


“It is a despicable sin to take the life of another just because he does not agree with you”


Hungarian sovereignty is based on language and culture.


On Reformation Day, he said that everyone has something to celebrate, because there was a point in history when the Reformation saved the Hungarian national identity by translating the Bible into Hungarian. We need a spiritual foundation from which sovereignty sprouts, that is to be done from the Hungarian language and culture.


Viktor Orban will attend the consecration of a Reformed Church on October 31.

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