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Benjamin Weinthal: Iranian diplomat turned US professor accused of crimes against humanity…….


These apparatchiks of the Communist state wouldn’t have a chance in the West if not for the clowns on the Left who are in league with them…


Iranian diplomat turned US professor accused of crimes against humanity

Mahallati’s aim at the UN was to “obfuscate and lie to the international community about mass crimes perpetrated by the Iranian regime.”

A group of former Iranian political prisoners and human rights activists sent a letter on Wednesday to the president of the prestigious Oberlin College in Ohio, demanding that the college’s management terminate religion professor Mohammad Jafar Mahallati after accusations came out saying he allegedly played a role in crimes against humanity.
Kaveh Shahrooz, a lawyer based in Canada, posted the letter online, writing on Twitter that: ”Today, on behalf of hundreds of victims, families & human rights experts, I wrote Oberlin College president [Carmen Twillie] Ambar objecting to the employment of M.J. Mahallati, a man implicated in the coverup of the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran.”

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