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France: Interior Minister says Paris stabbings were act of Islamist terrorism…….


Let’s just call it what it is, Islam 101 (Mohamed’s Islam)…


Courtesy of Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch: 


An update on this story. “Paris stabbings were act of Islamist terrorism, says minister,” by Angela Charlton and Oleg Cetinic, Associated Press, September 25, 2020 (thanks to Henry):

A double stabbing outside the former Paris offices of a satirical newspaper where dozens were killed in 2015 is an “act of Islamist terrorism”, France’s interior minister has said.
Two suspects were arrested separately shortly after the stabbing in which two people were wounded.
The main suspect had been arrested a month ago on the steps of the Bastille Opera, not far from the attack site, for carrying a screwdriver but was not on the police radar for Islamic radicalisation.
The interior minister said the young man arrived in France three years ago as an unaccompanied minor, apparently from Pakistan, but his identity was still being verified.
“But manifestly it’s an act of Islamist terrorism,” Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said in an interview with the France 2 television station. “Obviously, there is little doubt. It’s a new bloody attack against our country, against journalists, against this society.”
France’s counter-terrorism prosecutor said earlier that authorities suspect a terrorist motive because of the place and timing of the stabbings: in front of the building where Charlie Hebdo was based until the Islamic extremist attack on its cartoonists and at a time when suspects in the 2015 attack are on trial.
Prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard said that the chief suspect in Friday’s stabbings was arrested, along with another person.
Mr Ricard said the assailant did not know the people who were stabbed, a woman and a man working at a documentary production company who had stepped outside for a smoking break…
French Prime Minister Jean Castex…promised the government’s “unfailing attachment to freedom of the press, and its determination to fight terrorism”.
In a tweet, Charlie Hebdo strongly condemned the stabbings.
“This tragic episode shows us once again that fanaticism, intolerance, the origins of which will be revealed by the investigation, are still present in French society….There is no question of ceding anything,” the newspaper said….

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