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Why agencies of goverment/academia/press/public unions/parts of judiciary are at total war with this administration, @brianoflondon tweets the reason…….


Radio talk show host/constitutional scholar Mark Levin has been talking about the Democrat Party’s pursuit of absolute power, a scheme to own the entire system, lock stock and barrel.

Yet the Democrats insist that President Trump break this historical tradition for their partisan political benefit, or risk more riots. Then, Marxism and adherents of communist philosophy like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Chuck Schumer seek to eliminate opposition so that their party can pursue absolute power. They are making a move on our system of government, by eliminating the filibuster, eliminating the electoral college, and taking over the Supreme Court. Later, leftwing radicals continue attacking the history of America by pushing the 1619 project and packing the Supreme Court with leftwing activists posing as judges. Democrats complain of systemic racism but our education system has systematically become filled with Marxist hate and propaganda for the sake of indoctrination.


This tweet from 2017 forwarded by Brian of London goes to the heart of it.


Brian of London: Wow. 2017. I’m following the right people.

Ron Coleman
It’s more than just “they’d be doing the same things to any Republican President,” friends – Though they would. It’s much bigger than that.
6:03 AM · Dec 10, 2017
The Democrats – and please, never call them stupid – figured out that, notwithstanding the name of their party, democracy was a losing proposition for them probably around the reelection of GWB.
The Dems’ answer was to play out their ebbing appeal to voters outside major cities while shifting power away from elections toward institutions they could control without democratic accountability:
These include, of course, government bureaucracies, unions – especially public employee unions – certain parts of the judiciary, the press & universities.
The unexpected ascension of Barack Obama was an unexpected boon in the implementation of what had probably been viewed as a spoiling action at best.
Obama’s magic touch (topic for another thread) bought the Dems eight more years – time to not only implement this plan, but to play for the win instead of something much more modest.
The Dems’ “winning” strategy – to cement a hold on non-democratic forms of political & social control – was ramped up during the Obama years at a considerable expense:
The vast majority of statehouses, governorships and eventually both houses of Congress. But of course, this merely accelerated a voting trend that was the engine for this plan anyway.
And what constituted “acceleration”? The cooption of the very institutions that guaranteed the rule of law, not men: The judiciary and law enforcement. Own those, and you own it all. They almost did.
Keep in mind, during this process, they had little concern about being checked, meaningfully, by the GOP, at least in DC. I don’t need to explain that part.
As to the judiciary, there was nothing particularly nefarious about what the Dems did. They had the power of appointment and used it. A lot. That’s the way it goes – but the impact, thanks to Obama, was massive.
But the corruption of the organs of law enforcement – the DOJ and, daringly, an institution with iconic status in American eyes, the FBI – was something else. Above the field office level, it was, we now see, bold and brutal.
I surmise that it was also easier than they dreamed – especially given that the press was all in. No Woodward & Bernstein would spoil their plans. Obama was that wild card. His eight years was the difference between playing for delay and playing to win.
Turns out there were a couple of wild cards they didn’t count on, however. One was social media. And the other?
I’ll let you guess.



Note: Here in Finland the people referring to themselves as journalists are either completely clueless to the machinations of the Democrat party, or couldn’t care less. They spin every story coming out of the US concerning Trump and republicans according to the DNC’s (propaganda-driven) perspective. They are useless shills for the Democrat party.

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