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Sweden: Muslims Get Company to Pay For Their Regular Cursing of Jews and Christians…….


The lead-off prayer for each of the daily five mandatory prayer times is a curse against Jews and Christians



Last year the local municipality of Bromölla decided that ‘prayer during paid working hours was not allowed’ in the municipality. This meant that Muslim employees were not allowed to take a break from work in order to pray to Allah. The legal bill was primarily pushed by the immigration- and Islam critical party Swedish Democrats but also the more mainstream party Christian Democrats. The bill was made in a neutral religious form, no specific religion mentioned, albeit primarily prompted by Muslim demands for special rights for Muslim workers.

The decision, which by the way was completely in line with every democratic rule, tradition and normal practice in the local City Council, was later appealed and reported to the local administrative court through the Swedish Discrimination Ombudsman (DO).

The court reached the decision that the prayer ban during working hours was illegal due to the Swedish Constitution on religious freedom and the European Convention. Meaning that it actually is now illegal for an employer to deny his/her Muslim employees to pray to Allah even during actual paid working hours instead of doing their job. Note we are not talking about whatever an employee does in his or her normal breaks during the working day, but we are talking about what an employee now has the legal right to do during the actual working time, when he or she is paid to perform whatever job. And this will naturally not be limited to this fairly small local municipality in southern Sweden – it will of course apply to the entire Sweden where employers how just have to pay Muslims while they pray 2-3 times during work. How will this help Muslims to get a job, I don’t know!


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