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US: Journo Mollie Hemingway compares media treatment of Trump vs. Biden: ‘It is beyond propaganda’…….


We have to say enough is enough and we’re not taking it anymore…


Hemingway pointed out that even though the president performs well when surrounded by “hostile” media, the Republicans should be pressed to think about whether they will tolerate being treated like “second-class citizens.”

Mollie Hemingway compares media treatment of Trump vs. Biden: ‘It is beyond propaganda’

‘They’re so extreme that people are just having trouble believing anything that they have to say’


President Trump and Joe Biden have both been hitting the campaign trail this week and it’s noticeable there’s a stark contrast in media treatment between the two, Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway said Thursday night.

“It is beyond propaganda,” Hemingway said during an appearance on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”


In a town hall on CNN earlier in the evening, Biden was reportedly confronted by friendly supporters who delivered “softball” questions. Meanwhile, Trump’s town hall with ABC News on Tuesday was nothing of the sort and the president instead was criticized in his interactions.


“It used to be said that the media acted as a public relations arm of the Democrat Party,” Hemingway said. “I think it’s much easier to just understand them as essentially running the Biden campaign, particularly with the trouble that Biden is having in terms of typical campaigning.”


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