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Finland: Helsingin Sanomat Journalist Tommi Nieminen Takes a Potshot at Trump But Hits Only Himself…….


This is hilarious..!


The Finnish “flagship” paper Helsingin Sanomat’s feature writer, Tommi Nieminen, tries to take a potshot at US President Donald Trump, but ends up hitting his own foot. Trump never said what Nieminen states, read for yourself.



Kosovo is a majority Islamic country, and there are lots of Islamic states outside of the ME. He’s an idiot. Next time try lifting it out of the holster before shooting wiseguy.


A further note. Instead of praising Donald Trump for the success of getting these two states, Kosovo and Serbia, to sign an economic agreement with each other, as well as Serbia’s intention to move its embassy to Jerusalem, this chuckle-head chooses to throw spitballs instead. That’s how they think here, bovine to the core.


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