Israel Self Reliance Jihad Jihadis

Israel: Four Islamonazi Jihadis Go Boom Boom Near the Israeli/Syrian Border …….


Poof, right into smithereens…


Israel Defense Force (IDF) thwarts attack along Syria border fence

Four-man cell crossed Alpha Line into Israel and was planting bombs on fence before being struck by air and ground forces


As tensions remained high in the North, soldiers thwarted an attempt to place explosive devices near the Syrian border fence late Sunday night, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit announced Monday.

“A short time ago, an IDF force foiled an attempt to place explosive devices along the border with Syria,” the IDF said. “Special forces that were carrying out an ambush near an IDF post in the southern Golan Heights spotted a cell with a number of terrorists planting explosive devices along the border. An IDF force and an aircraft opened fire together on the four-member cell and hit them.”


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