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Daniel Greenfield: Media Claimed Chinese Americans “Fearful” of Houston Consulate Closure, In Real Life They’re Cheering…….


Real Americans…


Media Claimed Chinese Americans “Fearful” of Houston Consulate Closure, In Real Life They’re Cheering

Here’s the media narrative.

Houston’s Chinese community shocked, fearful after ‘extremely rare’ US move to close consulate
Chinese and Chinese American communities in Houston said local Houstonians, families and friends are getting caught in the middle of the political crossfire. Gordon Quan, a former Houston City Councilman, immigration lawyer and board member of the Asia Society said there has been an increase in unjust discrimination against the Chinese community in Greater Houston.
“There’s been a sense of paranoia in the Chinese community because for the past couple of years there’s been an ongoing investigation of Chinese Americans to the United States and this just exasperates the situation,” Quan said. “People have looked accusingly at China…The ‘Chinese Flu,’ ‘Kung Flu,’ as such, we have seen an increase in incidences aimed at Asian Americans — especially Chinese. So, to have the consulate close, to have accusations being made that this is the hotspot for spying, just creates a further cast upon the loyalties of Chinese Americans.”

In real life, it makes those loyalties quite clear.

Anti-communist protesters heckle staff emptying China’s consulate in Houston
Chinese staff departed China’s Houston consulate to a jeering crowd on Friday after the U.S. government ordered the building closed, calling it a hub for spying on American companies and researchers.
About 100 protesters shouted “take back China,” denounced the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and waved flags as consulate workers loaded belongings into rental trunks.


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