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US: Seditious Democrats Flaunt The Rule of Law, Encourage Violence, Dare Trump to Act…….


It’s not even a close call, the president has the responsibility to enforce the rule of law for all of US citizens, to secure their safety…


15 Democrat Mayors Ask Federal Cops to Leave Cities, Feds Say Police Only in Portland–for Now


The Democrat mayors of 15 cities across the United States have signed a letter asking Attorney General William Barr and Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf to remove or not send federal law enforcement officers to their municipalities, calling the deployments an “abuse of power.”


The news comes on day after Wolf and Mark Morgan, chief operating officer and senior official performing the duties of the Commissioner of CBP, held a press conference at DHS headquarters in Washington, D.C. and explained that federal officers were deployed to the city in early July to protect federal businesses and federal police.


Wolf said that the deployment is in keeping with federal authority to protect federal buildings and personnel that goes back decades and that Portland was the only city where a deployment has taken place.


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