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Daniel Greenfield: LA’s Coronavirus Crisis So Severe There’s Another Black Lives Matter Rally…….


Which proves the farce of the lockdowns…

LA’s Coronavirus Crisis So Severe There’s Another Black Lives Matter Rally

The Los Angeles County coronavirus is so severe that churches and synagogues are being told to shut down, and Mayor Garcetti is threatening to force everyone back into Cower Safely Under the Bed mode because the pandemic is so severe.

It’s so severe that here’s another Black Lives Matter rally.

In a show of unity between L.A.’s Black and Latino communities, activists marched from the First Street Bridge to Los Angeles City Hall, saying there is a need to come together and lead by example.
The marchers say they want to create a better future for the next generation, one that allows everyone to live in peace.

I like how this story is right next to, Coronavirus Spike Overwhelms California Hospitals as if they exist in totally separate worlds.


Photos show a whole bunch of marchers, most of them not wearing masks, and crowded closely together doing their little Nazi salutes, and there’s not a word of criticism from the media, or any warnings from Governor Newsom or Mayor Garcetti.

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